August 15, 2005

Bronto Plastic Childrens Chair by Richard Hutten

bronto_chair_hutten.jpgThis was on my to-post list since before last February, when we saw them at Frozen Fountain, the sweet sweet modern design store in Amsterdam. They turned up again in the public playroom at Roppongi Hills--what, your neighborhood entertainment/retail mega-real estate development doesn't have a quiet, clean, air-conditioned, and well-equipped nursery/resting area/playroom outfitted with Dutch contemporary children's furniture?--and the kid loves them. She climbs up and sits in them very politely, sure, but her favorite thing is to push them around the room at top speed. The curved back makes the perfect handle, too.

They're called Bronto chairs, and they're designed by Richard Hutten, one of the founding members of the Droog Design movement; Brontos are light, tough, injection-molded rotation-molded plastic that comes in two concepts: normal, and, um, high-concept, I guess. [Actually, it's called the Bronto Constructionless.] The normal ones are one color: blue, lime, or orange, and run about $100. (With the dollar in the pits last winter, they were about $134 before VAT refund in Amsterdam, and they're 17,000 yen here.) The Constructionless ones [above] let the plastic molding process dictate the color/pattern. They're a little trippier, take several weeks to deliver, and cost north of $300, am I remembering that right? Like I said, high concept.

Anyway, the Hutten Bronto chairs are available at both Modernseed [where they're on sale right now for $85] and Modern Child, which carries the Constructionless model.

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My daughter's chair already looks like this after a meal. Well, it would if we fed her warm caramel...

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