August 15, 2005

Book Review Contest: All the Colors of the Earth


Title: All the Colors of the Earth
Author/Illustrator: Sheila Hamanaka
Reviewer: Jason Sperber

I've loved this book long before parenthood was even an idea. I discovered it during my college activist days and was soon buying multiple copies to give as gifts to all my friends starting to have multiculti babies. I'm multiracial, and my daughter is even more mixed up than me, and I've always loved this book's beautiful portrayals of humanity's diversity. I'm still buying multiple copies (if you ever try to get the hardcover version on Amazon and it says that there are only one or two copies left, so hurry and buy, it's probably because of me!) to give as gifts, with little inscriptions to the babies about their beauty and potential--but the most incredible thing was when I finally got to write an inscription for our babygirl, in her copy, the day we got home from the hospital--about the example we want to set for her, about her potential to change the world. So I'm still a sentimental old rainbow-baby radical, even in my SAHDhood. I still tear up when I read it to myself.
Check out All the Colors of the Earth on Amazon.

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