August 15, 2005

Book Review Contest: All the Colors of the Earth

Title: All the Colors of the Earth Author/Illustrator: Sheila Hamanaka Reviewer: Jason SperberI've loved this book long before parenthood was even an idea. I discovered it during my college activist days and was soon buying multiple copies to give...
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Roll These La Vaca and La Vaquito Cowhide Stools Right Over PETA's Toes

These well-cushioned half-egg-shaped stools have little ball-bearing skatewheels on the bottom. And they're completely covered in genuine cowhide, just in case you're wondering why your vegan friends stopped coming over for playgroup. La Vaca is the bigger one, and La...
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Bronto Plastic Childrens Chair by Richard Hutten

This was on my to-post list since before last February, when we saw them at Frozen Fountain, the sweet sweet modern design store in Amsterdam. They turned up again in the public playroom at Roppongi Hills--what, your neighborhood entertainment/retail mega-real...
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How Do You Say "Lawsuit" In Japanese?

The playground by our crashpad in Tokyo has a huge jungle gym made of logs. Granted, the suspended log bridge does have a net below it, but there are slick wooden ramps and steep dropoffs; the gaps between levels could...
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