August 12, 2005

Book Review Contest: The Big Red Barn


Title: The Big Red Barn
Author/Illustrator: Margaret Brown/ Felicia Bond
Reviewer: Theresa McCarthy

You will read it again and again. It is the simple story about one day in the lives of the inhabitants of The Big Red Barn; but what a special day it is!

On this day, a pink pig learns to squeal, a field mouse is born in a field of corn, a bantam hen lays a clutch of ten eggs, bats fly out of the barn at night just as the animals grazing and playing in the great green field are returning to sleep. Nobody talks, except to meow, honk, squeak or moo. There is a butterfly on nearly every page.

There is nothing flashy about The Big Red Barn.

You will appreciate the restraint; the calm gentle lilt of the
rhymes; the genius of the illustrations that dance across the pages
sparing no detail, drawing from nature's own palate.

Check out The Big Red Barn in board book format at Amazon, and check out details of the DT Baby Book Review Contest here.


This is my son's favorite book. It is 100% required for him to sleep. I have had the entire thing memorized for months, and I still don't mind it!

Perfect in a double feature with Click-Clack Moo!!

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