August 12, 2005

Book Review Contest: El Oso Verde and El Hipop█tamo Amarillo


Title: El Oso Verde and El Hipop█tamo Amarillo
Author: Alan Rogers
Reviewer: Kevin Liu

My wife and I picked up these books in our search for bilingual and Spanish-only books. We enjoyed these two since they have a single sentence per page and are perfect for baby-preschool language acquisition. (I noticed on Amazon that they're also available as English- and French-only.)

El Oso Verde
(Green Bear) details all four seasons of the year and four different colors in this charming board-book. Not to give too much away, but the silly bear enjoys painting and re-painting his
house to match the season.

El Hipop█tamo Amarillo
(Yellow Hippopotamus) pulls her wagon around town collecting various yellow things.

Our daughter is four months old and really enjoys both books. The
illustrations are very colorful and simple to hold her attention. And
she's almost to the age where she can turn pages, which will be
another adventure altogether.

There are also two other books in this series: El Rinoceronte Rojo and La Tortuga Azul.

Check out El Oso Verde and El Hipop█tamo Amarillo as well as other titles in Alan Rogers' Little Giants series in Spanish, French, or English at Amazon.

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