August 10, 2005

Book Review Contest: Hola Jalapeno


Title: Hola Jalapeno
Author/Illustrator: Amy Wilson Sanger
Reviewer: Whitney Moss []

This short board book is part of a series, all with a similar theme - ethnic food, and a similar format - cut paper artwork. Hola Jalapeno is the best one, however.

The rhythmic text is fun to read aloud. I even recite it from memory
while driving to entertain my little screamer. The artwork is less than amazing, but each collage is made of familiar materials, so I stay engaged as I read by looking at the various textures used to make the collages. I also like to say the words with an exaggerated spanish accent. And now, every time I see one of the foods mentioned in the book, I am reminded of the upbeat prose. "Senorita Quesadilla, cheese is melting out your end!"

"Hola Jalapeno is the best one, however." Looks like we'll have to have an Amy Wilson Sanger Smackdown; Her First Book Of Sushi has warped all the fragile little minds around our house.

Check out Hola Jalapeno and other Amy Wilson Sanger titles at Amazon []

1 Comment

let me second the fabulousness of Hola Jalapeno. Thought it is a little weird to be reading about the joys of mexican food to a kid who eats only oatmeal and carrots...

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