August 8, 2005

TicTalk: Just Get The Kid A Cell Phone Already!!

tictalk.jpgWe should all be ashamed of ourselves. While we've been moping around like grumpy old men, complaining about invasions of privacy and astronomical phone bills, what have the cell phone companies been doing? That's right, thinking of the children. And not a moment too soon, either.

Wherify, Firefly, Why if I have to read another sad tale of a selfless technology company offering a perfectly decent, useful, and fun cell phone for kids out of the goodness of their own hearts, only to have it criticized and ignored in the marketplace, why, it just ain't right.

So get your high-n-mighty butts down from off your covered wagons and and pre-order a TicTalk Parent-Controlled Cell Phone from Leapfrog (yes, the talking book company)for your young-un right now. You can program all the numbers it can call and when, and you can set the times when it can and can't receive calls, so it won't be going off at school or after bedtime. And you can send reminders to your kid anytime, all from one convenient, ultrasecure website. Which you'll save the login/password for in your browser in the den, inadvertently giving your kid complete control of that 25c/min. phone behind your back. Suckahhhh.....

TicTalk˘ Parental Controlled [sic] Cell Phone [leapfrog via wp]
Telecom for Tots [wash post, via dt reader kaz]
A Phone of Their Own: Cell-phone providers take aim at children [wsj, via]

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