August 5, 2005

Baby Blogapalooza Opens Kids Section at Design Public

Design Public, the online source for a lot of great modern design, launched a kids and baby section this week, with cool nursery stuff from DT favorites like Oeuf NYC and Argington, as well as some new (to me, aynway) lines like NotNeutral.

You young whippersnappers don't know how easy you have it, just clicking on over to an outfit like Design Public. Why, when I was a dad-to-be, we had to scour the net high and low to find decent baby stuff, and it was uphill both ways. And we had to get up to change the channel. Of course, now we don't have time to watch anything but The Wiggles, so channel changing's pretty look, you made me forget my point...

Oh yeah, to celebrate [sic] the launch, Design Public's invited some parent bloggers and designers to guestblog about children and design on their blog this week [i.e., five whole days longer than the actual Lollapalooza]. People smarter and cooler than me'll be there. And me. []

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