August 5, 2005

Announcing The Daddy Types Baby Book Review Contest

A while back, when I got so many great recommendations for books that don't drive you crazy if you have to read them a thousand times, I thought it'd be interesting to try a book review contest. So how about it?

If there's a baby book your kid loves, or that you love, (or that you hate, for that matter), send in a review, and I'll post it here on Daddy Types. Judging or polling seems too complicated, frankly, so everyone whose review gets posted will be eligible for a drawing to win some prizes at the end of the contest. And unless you're seriously doped or just embarassing yourself--in which case, I'll let you know you need help--I will post your review. [Wait, is it really a contest, then?]

The length isn't important, but please make them good. A haiku could work just as well as a 1,000-word Jungian analysis of discipline and the Absent Parent in Nicholas The Bunny. As for what makes a good review, I guess we'll all know it when we see it. Ideally, it would help someone make a decision whether to get the book or not. Funny is fine, but definitely not required. [And trying too hard to be funny is probably the worst possible outcome.] Firsthand perspective is good...Watch your language, family site and all...multiple reviews are fine, but once your name's in the hat once, that's it.

I don't want to own your reviews; they're yours, you just agree to let Daddy Types post them, quote them, etc., the same as comments or other reader contributed content... You know what, we're talking about a blog and some swag, here, not the Academy Awards. I'm gonna hold off on making up a bunch of formal rules for now, and let's hope this thing doesn't get too ugly. Just get me a review, an Amazon link, and your preferred credit (and URL, if any) by the end of the day Friday, Aug. 19th.

Swag? prizes? Here are the sweet, sweet prizes (OK, some are sweeter than others, perhaps):
- A Baby Bandolier, from Duds4Dads.
- A personalized, inscribed copy of writer/dad Kevin Guilfoile's awesome debut novel, Cast of Shadows.
- A Playsam Streamliner iCar, due out in a month or so, courtesy of Sparkability.
- A little something for the kid from Muji, tbd [to two people]
- A Daddy Type t-shirt [to two people]
Good luck, I hope this works...


nice. what about multiple reviews of the same book? no, not that I'll write 3 reviews of Goodnight Moon, but 3 other people might? or is it even worth reviewing Goodnight Moon, as it seems like everyone has it (as everyone should). more points for more obscure books?

[Yeah, I did think of this, actually. I'll post multiple reviews of the same book together. And unless you're Jon Stewart or John Updike, please, please, please don't review Goodnight Moon. Nice catch. -ed.]

While we're getting excited about contests, how about a Daddytypes t-shirt design contest? Winning design gets made and sold on your site. Winner gets the glory and a couple free t-shirts.

I'll get started on my combination Tikki Tikki Tembo book review/t-shirt design right away.

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