August 3, 2005

What, No String Cheese?

Danielle (aka Celebrity Baby Blog) and Josh (aka The Food Section) took one last child-free vacation to Italy before those flying restrictions kicked in. Always on the prowl for material, Josh snapped some photos of Italian baby food for his foody blog. So what do Italian babies eat, you ask? Prosciutto, pasta, and biscotti. And from as young as 4 months, too.

Baby Gastronomy []


ha! our fave italian baby food was "coniglio" (rabbit! with a cute cuddly cartoon bunny on the label!) but we also enjoyed the very swank-sounding taleggio (schmancy cheese).

i was struck by the fact that organic baby food was so universally available...but that it all had added sugar. (no wonder my daughter hoovered it.) europeans seem way more concerned about genetically modified ingredients than about sugar. (yet their babies are delightfully svelte...and of course they have only the one head and no gills.) just interesting.

I have no trouble finding organic baby food here in the states... maybe it is a regional thing.

If need be, Amazon sells organic baby food now.

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