August 3, 2005

NY Observer Birth Announcements

Time was when your average New York overachiever could rest easy, knowing that when he finally decided to tie the knot, his marriage would probably be announced in the New York Times. Of course, the Times is packed every weekend with such reports of where the happy couple went to school, where they work, who their ancestors are, and which one married up.

In contrast, the New York Observer only publishes one baby announcement each week, so your child's inclusion is in no way assured, even if your people signed the Declaration of Independence and your first film just won an IFP Spirit Award. So if you suddenly care deeply about this kind of thing, I recommend contacting the Observer's Raquel Hecker on the way home from the first ultrasound.

Oh, and this week's baby is one-week-old Jack Rollins who, besides being born to two senior magazine industry executives, is reportedly already sleeping through the night. No pressure.

Born Yesterday []

[8/19 update: until this week, when one parent was a chef at Babbo, it seems like every baby mentioned was born to a journalist or magazine editor of some kind. Now you have your in, good luck. -ed.]

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