August 3, 2005

And I Thought DC/NYC Was A Tough Commute

The NY Observer has a long article about Lachlan Murdoch, who just quit his job at News Corp in part, it seems, because he and his wife prefer to raise their newborn son Kalan in Australia:

Sydney is a great place to raise kids, an Australian involved in New York media circles said. For every Australian couple I know who has kids, its a big deal whether you bring them up in New York or in Australia, because New York is perceived to not be as good a place to bring them up. Its a real source of tension for Australian couples. New York is such an urban jungle, and the quality of life is so much lower here, even if you have tons of money.
Why Lachlan Flew the Coop:
It Was Rupe
[, expiring link]

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As a happy, healthy child of New York City, I would like to say to Lachlan "F--k off, go home or where ever you want, and raise your child in a place you like because you like it. New York was a great place to grow up and if you can't see that, it's your loss."

Sorry for that, I feel better now.


Currently planning to raise a child in Boston, but the Upper West Side was good enough for my parents 35 years ago.

[in Lachlan's defense, though, he was also working for his dad, and his dad was living around the corner with his new young wife, having new kids the same age as Lachlan's... -ed.]

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