August 2, 2005

Or Maybe You DO Pattern Your Entire Life After TV Shows...

If so, then you're in luck, you lazy, beer-drinkin' bum. The social engineers of network television have created a cultural paradigm disguised as a TV series, called Meet Mr. Mom, And they hope it sticks. Just from this cliche-ridden article, it sounds like it'll be sticking to the bottom of your shoe.

Laz Dads or Mr. Moms? Show Seeks Answer
[, via DT reader Stephanie]

1 Comment

What a sorry article. That thing makes it sound as if hapless, clueless, hopeless fatherhood is the norm. My favorite part is when they suggest that women "lower their standards" for men. Gee thanks, that's awfully big of yall. Just for that, I'll go get my own beer for tonight.

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