July 30, 2005

"I was like, 'Yo, look, a baby.' "

A Brooklyn woman on a 4AM cigarette run found an abandoned baby hanging in a gift bag on a fence. She took it to her neighbor's house to feed it, but was all bummed when the ambulance got there too quick. "I thought I'd get to feed it before the police came," she told a NYT reporter:

[A neighbor,] Ms. Folk said there were better places in the neighborhood to leave a baby than in a gift bag on a fence. "I've heard of it a lot of times," she said, speaking of abandoned babies, "but what makes it so sad is that if she'd brought the baby to one of us on this block, we would have taken it in."

Penny Khan's thoughts were also on the mother, whom she assumed had left the baby in the bag. "I'd like to give her a nice beating," Ms. Khan said.

A Dangling Gift Bag Wriggles, and a Baby Girl Is Found Inside [nyt]

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What is wrong with the world today? How can some one do that to thier baby? I love my kids with all my heart even though at times they do make me crazy, but that is part of the job. If you can't take care of them make sure they are with some one who can.

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