July 29, 2005

Not That There's Anything Wrong With Reading Details Magazine

So the latest issue of Details has a headline--conveniently placed on the cover right next to David Beckham's crotch--"Is Your New Baby Making You Gay?"

Does anybody know what this article actually says? I'd look it up myself, but I'm on the other side of the world. And besides, I only experimented with Details. In college. [via Gawker]

[update: the explanation and text are in the comments. It's not an article, but a "semi-funny photo/feature,"--emphasis on the 'semi'--that basically tries to find something gay to say about anything. To which I say, "whatever," as I wiggle three fingers on each hand to look like little "W's". Thanks to all you out-n-proud Details readers.]


It's not actually an article. It's on the back page where the pictorial is titled "Gay or New Dad?" Semi-funny...but not really.

Not sure what's happening to Details. Seems to be turning into a magazine for men who don't know they're gay. I think the mag needs to out itself.

A friend of mine from college writes for them sporadically and Metro pegs his demographic perfectly. Although now, 15 years out, I think he's come to the realization that, hey, he's gay!

Hi Greg,

Details runs a semi-funny photo/feature called ANTHROPOLOGY on the last page of each issue. The feature is called "Gay or ...?" Each issue compares a gay guy to a non-gay guy stereotype. This issue is titled "Gay or New Dad?"

With a pic of a dad and baby in Baby Bjorn, writers point-out the similarities between new dads and gay dudes.

Here goes:

Toothy grin: "I'm so happy, I feel like a one-man pride parade!"
Bloodshot eyes: When you spend all night attending to dirty bottoms, there's no time to sleep.
Baggy golf shirt: "Reminds me of the good old days when I could join a foursome and just swing away"
Babybjorn: "I wasn't sure about a harness at first, but now I can't wait to strap it on!"
Attention-grabbing keys: "I've found that dangling big things over his head excites him."
Oversize bottle: Sometimes he spits, sometimes he swallows.
Colorful bag: A loving daddy never leaves home without a full supply of fun toys.
Pale-pink pants: Liberated from the closet because they are just so darn stain-resistant.
Extra break (on pant legs): A few more inches never hurts.
Suede moccasins: Light loafers are perfect when you're out pushing the Bugaboo.

Are you holding your side while laughing hysterically?



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