July 27, 2005

My First... Homemade Board Book

The aggressively generic and idealized images of board books kind of bugs me sometimes. Where are all the counting books that show what's really in the kid's world? three bags of Terra Chips, four dry cleaners on the way to the subway, five remote controls... It's still a rough draft.

Well, if you're feeling dissatisfied with the Baby Publishing Industrial Complex's output--and are particularly crafty and overloaded with free time--DT reader/commenter Kaz has found a HOWTO guide for making your own board book.

So clear the calendar and clear the table, but don't bother clearing the rights to all the copyrighted images you're bound to load into your one-off literary classic. I'm sure they won't mind.

1 Comment

woohoo! I googled this with little success not long ago, and just tonite, I was wondering if I could figure it out, to do my very own kid's catechism board book. probably just the first 15 questions for volume one.

I guess I'm a moderate evangelical geek that way. [The Lord works in mysterious ways... -ed.]

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