July 26, 2005

What's Worse Than A Gymboree Junkie? A Broke Gymboree Junkie.

This is a pathetic, sad story I just can't figure out. A woman spends all her time and all her money and then runs up another $50K in credit card debt shopping for kids' clothes--at Gymboree.

Personally, I'd have to be flying on angel dust before you could get me to spend five bucks in that joint.

Confessions of a compulsive shopper
[cnn via dt reader Ed]


For some of us in the hinterland, Gymboree clothes are a stylish, good quality (true to size) option for the toddler set. The stores have great sales too, so your $5 would get you shorts or maybe a hat.

I've seen those Gymboree lots on EBay--they really do go for more than store value. I'm thinking of stockpiling my gals few bits of (sale-bought) Gymboree clothing into a lot, which I'll sell for big bucks on EBay. College fund, mmmmm...

By the way, in what minimalist garb do stylish Manhattanites dress their kids?

Hate to break it to you, but the kid wears gymboree on occassion. [d'oh! busted over some $5 skorts... -ed.]

Wait 'til she starts demanding to wear frills--despite your best efforts to dress her in urban black.... Frills are among my worst fears for baby--that, and Frist in '08.

Aren't they due for an IRS audit? How do you make 100+ and pay that little in taxes?

I make special trips to the hinterlands to shop at Target. I ADORE Target's baby and kid clothing - so cheerful. Fun, juicy colors, and who cares if it doesn't last, because how long are they going to wear it anyway? I don't own any black items, btw. Most Caucasian babies don't look great in black, I have found.

I received a lot of Gymboree pieces that I returned and the credit sat around for months at a time because I just could not find a single item there I wanted to buy. I don't consider this anti-mall snobbishness, because we actually do very well at The Children's Place and Carter's, especially the outlets. I have other city friends who swear by H&M. But I just have never seen anything at Gymboree I liked.

Funny, because now that we're in the 12 month + size range, I really don't like Carter's anymore. I loved the fit and fabric quality of the 0-9 month pyjamas and snap crotch thngies but, once we started buying 12 month clothes, I thought the fabric quality took a nosedive. They must use a different sweatshop for the bigger kid stuff.

I've moved over to perusing the Children's Place offerings, which include a nice selection of monotone clothing (I find some items to be a tad flimsy though).

I'll stick my neck out for Gymboree though. Yes, a bit patterned but, most outfits include solid shorts or leggings. The tops excellent quality too: made with thick cotton, well constructed seams and, in many cases, classic details like boat collars with bows. Too darned cute.

Our few bits have withstood the scrubbing that followed orange and green jarred babyfood spit-up staining, which I think is also pretty impressive.

No, I don't work for Gymboree, but I like to troll the racks at used baby stuff storres and Gymboree stuff holds up well--as do Gap duds.

As for lifespan of clothing well, yeah, if it's cheap you can throw it out if you want to but, well, maybe the karmic value of good quality clothing (even with patterns) is that it can be passed along to others--or sold on Ebay, whatever.

I agree with the Gymboree sales rack comments.. they do seem to have some pretty awesome sales. Even up here in Canada. Our 6 month old wears a lot of stuff from H&M (we get that when we're down in the US), and Mexx. Seems to last pretty well, and both have really nice stuff that not everyone else has.

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