July 26, 2005

A Bunch Of Wagons & Minivans You Can't Buy

Jalopnik has the buzz on so many cross-overs, sport wagons, and even--yow--cool minivans you can't buy now, I advise you not to click through if you're in the market; it'll only bum you out.

There's the 2006 Audi Allroad wagon, based on the new A6; a new Saturn mini-SUV, not due until the 2007 model year; a mini-SUV from Mercedes called the X3, er, I mean, the X-class, which is supposed to launch in 2008; and last but not least, Ford Europe's SAV concept, known as the E-max, which is just good-looking enough to make you want to take all the US-model minivan money you've been saving up and blow it at Gymboree.


Hmmm.. Ford SAV concept you say, eh? 7 passenger, small, sporty... where have I seen that before?

Oh, right, it's a dressed up Mazda5.

Check out that price... it's like an evil plot designed to convince our wives that we can't afford NOT to get a minivan... :)

Hey, I'm the wife and I'm the one who is opposed to the minivan in this family. I don't want to have to snuggle it in between the terrible parking jobs of all the Expedition drivers.

That's the problem with that Mazda... it's based on their Mazda3 platform... it's basically a near-compact car that seats 7. I can't use the usual gas-guzzler or "too big" arguments against getting one... :)

Before we bought our Toyota Sienna, we thought about getting the Volkwagen Sharan (link in German), which I believe is only available in Europe. We thought, hey, german car, german style, but then it occured to us, german price in euros. d'oh! Plus, what mechanic has ever seen one of these over in the states.

Still, it has a neat design and you don't have to wait until 2008!

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