July 24, 2005

Squid-Eating Whale Puppet

EatingWhale_small.JPGWhen I used to make the kid's handle-mouthed bear rattle from Muji "eat" her hapless plush animal finger puppets, I worried a little that maybe it was too scary. Maybe I should be protecting her from the harsh realities of the food chain. Not that I stopped making the bear eat the turtle--or the other bear, for that matter--I mean, until she's bigger, the kid still needs to learn to watch out for coyotes and gators, doesn't she?

Well, worry no more. The crunchily pedagogical folks at Berkeley's Folkmanis Puppets have officially sanctioned plush-on-plush cannibalism with this baby beluga whale/squid lunch puppet set. Now you can teach eating and swallowing, teeth, and the origins of calamari, all at the same time.

Eating Whale, $15.99 [folkmanis.com, via coolhunting]

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