July 20, 2005

Baby Overboard! The Boat Crib

boat_crib.gifThe organic, fair-trade-loving British hippies at Smile Child offer baby clothes and other products with such a boatload of crunchy goodwill, they had to find a boat to put it in. Thus, the boat crib.

The crescent-shaped boat crib is made from some no-doubt-renewable wood, and it comes with its own tufted futon/mattress. It rocks gently back and forth--but I bet if you give it a good, solid pumping, you could really get it going.

Smile Child says it's good up to age 5, and to take "extra care when your child begins to move around." I take that to mean a kid can scamper over the side of this thing the second it leaves port.

The Boat Crib is 199 at Smart Child
[smartchild.co.uk, via DT reader Jan, who's on a roll]


I actually love this (although I thought the current thinking was that soft mattresses are really bad for some reason). If I was expecting again I might have to try this out! Although yeah, I'm not sure how well that'll work once crawling/sitting up kicks in.

It is pretty good looking compared to most fugly bassinets that are out there. Although I wouldn't want to have to lean all the way down to the floor a couple of times a night. But overall I like it. I do wonder how it fits in with all the SIDS suggestions about no soft bedding, pillows, etc. That mattress looks pretty squishy.

looks cool, but good luck keeping a 1 year old in that thing.

The point of the soft mattress is to keep the child on it's back and in the crib. With such a soft mattress the baby will sink into the mattress so deep it becomes immobilized.

Awesome blog. Will add a link to you from my www.dadtopics.com blog I started back a bit ago. Thanks for such a great site.

Awesome crib! I was thinking with just a few slight modifications it could double as a fun plaything, i.e. flip it over and it's a bridge to climb over and hide under, or take out the pad and it's a rocker board. Maybe agood way to get another cuople years use out of it.

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