July 16, 2005

Mountain Buggy Recall Buried By Collapsed Building Publicity

The other stroller company guys must be pissed, wondering why a building couldn't collapse on them?

The New York Times did a little digging, so to speak, to see if Mountain Buggy's previously underappreciated Rubble Deflection System will lead to a spike in sales. The word from Albee Baby, the Upper West Side's longtime stroller megadealer: Umm, doesn't sound like it.

The store "expects a 500-stroller shipment in August to sell out within weeks," which sounds pretty business-as-usual to me. But it DID make a nice counterpoint to the safety recall announcement which several commenters noted here. The paper says it covers only 2005 Urban Doubles [and Singles, yo] with "a new adjustable handlebar that sometimes separated when the stroller was pulled up stairs. There have been no reports of injuries, child or adult."

Because no one would be crazy enough to buy a Mountain Buggy Urban Double if they live in a walk-up. So the lesson here for stroller manufacturers: if you have some potentially negative publicity coming down the pike, scout out a demolition site with precariously placed heavy machinery, then dispatch the nannies.

A $600 Baby Stroller Comes Out of the Rubble and Into the Spotlight
7/14: CPSC, Sycamore Kids Inc. Announce Recall of Mountain Buggy Jogging Strollers [cpsc.gov]

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