July 14, 2005

Working Baby Names Into Your Rap??

Is it the Upper West Side? The organized Jewish dating scene? The kids these days? Whatever it is, I don't think I ever steered the conversation towards baby names on the first date, much less before. Still, it's at least instructive to know that the Heisenberg Principle applies to reporters and relationships as well:

Ms. Lee then said that she had to leave. Mr. Sanders claimed that shed been saying that for over 45 minutes. Weve been talking about bad names for Jewish children, Mr. Sanders said. Jesus, bad. Adolf, very bad.

Theyll get to the good names later, they said. For now, the talk is margaritas, next Thursday.

He was going to ask me out for them officially, before you got here," said Ms. Lee. "Bitch."

As reported by the apparently too-cute Amy Lieberman in the NY Observer.

Desperately Seeking Nice Jewish Girl [dailytransom.observer.com]

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