July 13, 2005

Plush Ninjas from Ninjatown

ninjatown_house.gifAlthough they're rumoured to have mystical powers, these ninjas are not bred for their skills in magic. They're handsewn in limited editions by a Chicago artist named Shawn Smith. His project, Shawnimals, makes collectible art plush and vinyl toys intended for grownups, not kids, and not, unfortunately, babies. But they're so damn cute, I had to put them up anyway.

Ninjatown was just lauched the other day, and its population includes the one-armed Ninja Consultant, who, "For a fee, with powerpoint presentations and flow charts in tow [will] show you ways to make your business process more efficient by using side steps, smoke bombs and stealth hugs." Also in town: White Ninja, Baby Ninja, and Wee Ninja, "the original ninja that started it all."

Wee Ninja is only available in select retailers listed on the site, but Shawnimals sells the other characters online, and when each edition of 25 is sold out, that's it; there won't be any more.

The felt, glue, and thread toys are meant to "have a certain, shall we say, patina about them. Obviously I don't want them to break, but they're not the most-polished "stuffed animals" either. Remember: Shawnimals are artworks as much as they are stuffed things. If you're looking for mass-produced perfection, FAO Schwartz may be your best bet." Otherwise, you could start the kid's art collection right now.

Ninjatown handmade plush toys, $20-$25 at Shawnimals [shawnimals.com, via coudal]

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