July 11, 2005

Report From 'Heath Ledger''s Buy Buy Baby Registry

I guess if I were Heath Ledger or Michelle Williams, I probably wouldn't use an alias to create my baby registry, either. But I probably would check with my publicist to see if Bugaboo just happened to drop off a stroller or two, you know, as a gift.

On the other hand, if I were a random Brooklyn-ite looking for an unverifiable way to rake in free merch from someone else's fans, I might be tempted to call myself Heath Ledger.

Either way, the first things to go were the most expensive: the Frog and the crib, so no regrets, right? At least until the Gecko and Cameleon come out.

Since there's no cupholder on the list, I got them the bagclips, which I hear are going to be phased out. And one thing I'd add: the Lamaze Cube, which turned out to be a surprise hit with the kid early on.

Michelle Williams & Heath Ledger's Janice and Drake Cohen's Buy Buy Baby registry [buybuybaby.com, via celebrity-babies]

[Oh ho ho, this'll make a funny story to tell the kid, someday: Somehow, the Buy Buy Baby gift registry for just-folks Janice and Drake Cohen of Carroll Gardens, was mislabelled as belonging to their fellow Brooklyn-ites, Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams--who are also expecting! What're the odds? (Of people in Carrol Gardens being pregnant? About 1 in 2, frankly.) But they must get that all the time; those hipsters all look alike, anyway. Enjoy the bag clips, kids!]



Tsk tsk...no breast pump.

Lee, it looks like they've registered for the Isis "back to work" set. I'm surprised they didn't also register for the PIS, but you gotta love the Isis.

A $280 crib mattress? MY first queen mattress didn't even cost that much. Wow.

Thanks for setting me straight, Moxie. I'm not familiar with Isis and when I posted the comment, I couldn't imagine that a pump would only cost $60. (A quick trip to Amazon cleared things up.) Now someone should tell the new parents that the PIS is the only way to go.

Well, it looks like Affleck and Jennifer Garner got the hint.

Lee, actually the Isis is an amazing pump. It's got this cool petal action that provides a great let-down. I know a couple women who are pumping exlusively who feel that they get better, easier production with the Isis than with the PIS or a rented hospital-grade. But I do think it's strange that rich people wouldn't register for both the Isis *and* the PIS.

Just wanted to chime in and say the ISIS rocks; I work fulltime, my kid is 10 months old, and it's still the only pump I need! Works much better for me than hospital grade rental pumps.

B&J's listing doesn't have a lot of girlie girl stuff!! Hmmm, makes one speculate....

If you click the link again for Heath Ledger it's now JANICE COHEN and DRAKE COHEN...

well, then, I guess it must be "random Brooklyn-ite."

Good thing I only bought them the bag clips, and not the whole Bugaboo...

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