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July 10, 2005

Baby-related Party Conversations From This Week's NY Times

"And I was like, "'you can easily spend $200?' HAH! We got this Maxi Cosi car seat from Europe. ebay Germany.

"Huh? Nah, but you don't need to speak it; all the buttons are in the same place. Anyway, I'll give you Freakonomics: it's like 250 euros, plus shipping? Weighs a ton, too.

"And it turns out we don't need it! They don't do anything! So we're trading it in for a portable DVD player. I figure any cop stops me, I'll say, 'hey, as long as they're in the back seat!' right?"


"Hey, great party, isn't it? Did you read that Times article about the Dutch doctors euthanizing terminally ill and hopelessly suffering infants? No? Oh, you should, it's about how they're stripping away the morally convenient but meaningless distinctions between "ending a life" and "letting a life end," all in the name of reducing a baby's excruciating pain? Is there peanut in this sauce? because I'm allergic."

The Seat-Belt Solution [nyt]

Euthanasia for Babies?

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