July 8, 2005

Whatever Happens In Las Vegas, The Stroller Stays In The Car

DT reader Chris has this annoying report. Sounds like that whole, "Las Vegas is your family-friendly vacation destination!" schtick has gone the way of Sigfried and Roy's career:

Just came from a trip to Las Vegas with the family.
Found out that the Wynn casino does not allow
strollers into their building. This includes folded,
carried over the shoulder, umbrella strollers. They
claim it's for safety reasons.

I guess having toddlers running around in crowded
hallways is alot safer for their guests. In fact in 3
seperate incidents I saw a cocktail waitress almost go
down when she nearly tripped over a small child; I saw
a toddler run up to an elderly woman and grab her
leg,again nearly tripping her; and I saw another
toddler running up and down a crowded hallway.

I called Wynn Las Vegas reservations to ask about this, and and first I got a dodge: "I know that many hotels--Treasure Island, the Bellagio--don't allow strollers," said the res agent. When I asked specifically about whether I could bring my stroller into the hotel, she transferred me to Wynn Security.

It turns out registered guests are allowed to bring strollers in; they just need to register their strollers at check-in, and they'll get a special guest stroller tag. It's the wandering bands of non-guests who aren't allowed to push their strollers around the joint. I didn't ask, but I'm sure that people in wheelchairs or hooked up to oxygen tanks are welcome as long as their ATM card works. Call ahead, or better yet, go somewhere else.


Didn't LV change their slogan to "What Happens Here, Stays Here"?
No surprise that it isn't family friendly. has it ever really been?

I've seen the sign as you come in from the parking garage, though I never thought of bringing Madame. Unless there's a mall or you're staying at the hotel, a casino isn't a place for children anyway. I can't say I've seen any other casino signs prohibiting strollers either, though I wouldn't doubt Bellagio or TI have similar rules.

The general word among locals is the Wynn is extremely underwhelming and most people don't like it (especially the employees I've heard). If you ask me it kind of looks like a mini-Bellagio, but not set up nearly as well.

LV is not kid-friendly. They tried making it so, but it flopped as a marketing scheme. They now play up their Sin City image and are having better results (ie Consenting adults paradise, escape from crying children).

There are restaurants in Canada that are also going this way. They do not ban children (because that's illegal to do), but they advertise that they do NOT provide high chairs, children's menus, crayons, etc.

I can understand this. If my wife and I drop our daughter off with my parents and want a rare date break away, the last thing I'd want is to be sat next to someone else's baby.

Yes, I love my daughter. No, I don't abandon her. Please don't call social services. Doh.

- Kirk.

I know that the Wynn does not allow strollers but there is no other casino in las vegas that forbids them that i know of and i live here. as far as steve wynn is concerned strollers mess up his floors...i think that is stupid and irresponible of him and his staff.If you want a nice fairly quiet and kids safe hotel i would recomend the Suncoast in summerlin or the southcoast in henderson..its a far from the strip but still provides you with all the accomadaition that you want from vegas.

How about taking the kids some place that is kid friendly? If you ask me it's super inappropriate to bring a child to sin city. There are escort cards all over the ground. A huge advertisement of a naked showgirl at Balley's casino. I could go on. You chose to be a parent so be a parent. Take your spawn to DISNEYLAND! Also drop the breeder entitlement. A casino should not change their adult only policy cause you decided to reproduce.

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