July 7, 2005

Baby Daddy^5

Nathan Leet sounds like a real catch; he's got five kids with five different women, at least two of whom he left while they were pregnant. His current girlfriend is also pregnant. After he took a two-month vacation, he fell behind on his child support payments, which he's now trying to get reduced, since he's cut back on his work schedule (to about 30 hrs/wk) so he can spend some time with one of the kids. "They all live off the state," he says of his baby mamas, and "all they care about is their money." Some of them care so much about money, they're working two jobs, the crazy sponges.

Five Women Fight Same Man For Child Support
[followup from court] [theomahachannel.com, via robotwisdom]


This just in: Britney Spears has just dumped Kevin "Mr. Spears" Federline and has been spotted kanoodling with Nate all over LA. With any luck, she has finally found Mr. Right! Stay tuned...enquiring minds want to know!


Re: Chastity Pearson --

Irony has a hard job. Sometimes it goes for the easy mark.

Does anyone have a problem with this guy just getting an automatic condom loader mounted on his jock? How about seeing if he can get a sponsorship from Trojan or Durex?

my favorite is the comment from the new, pregnant girlfriend who says, "it takes two, lady," revealing simultaneously, both that she knows exactly what she's getting herself into and that she has no freakin' idea what she's getting herself into.

Sometimes I just don't understand why society causes some really good people such grief about having kids, when it's so easy for idiots like these to reproduce.

greg, that is one of the great questions of our time:

abusive, neglectful, straight parents who have lots and lots of kids with lots of people and then never help raise them = OK

Gay people willing to jump through hoops, be abused by the system, who are dying to have kids (not literally, yet.. but give the nutbar right some time), who will provide a stable home for said kids = really really really bad

I find myself confused by this.

He now has child #6 with a new girl. Child support got raised on all cases. The judge didn't believe any thing he said. the sad thing is he is only hurting all these kids he fathered.
His oldest son is a great kid who only wants to spend time with his dad. But dad is to busy with the new baby and girlfriend to find time for him.

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