July 5, 2005

Excellent News From FatherWorld Magazine

So while everyone's staring at the nipple, it turns out Fathers Direct has uncovered some very promising findings about dads being more involved with raising their kids.

The findings were published in FatherWorld, a magazine-format roundup of research and projects presented at the organization's 2003 International Fatherhood Summit, which was held in Oxford. The Summit brought together the world's greatest experts on fatherhood-related research, programs, and initiatives, it helped them pool their work, and share best practices--and then it made them all pose for pictures holding stuffed animals.

And to top it all off, it added a nipple shot to the announcement of the Summit's encouraging findings. Basically, dads are getting more involved, and when they do, it's a boon for kids, families, society, and themselves, but who cares? Now we know what men's nipples are for!

There is one report in FatherWorld Magazine I heartily endorse, though. it's about an Australian dads esteem-boosting program called "I Am A Dad!" The headline of the report reads, "After the Baby, Wear The T-Shirt." I couldn't agree more.

Worldwide study heralds global increase in father involvement and reveals why men have nipples
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