July 1, 2005

Two-Time Award-Winning Rectal Thermometer!

In news that turned the rectal thermometer design industry on its head, Smartdesign won a silver medal in the Business Week Industrial Design Excellence Awards this week for their innovative, orifice-optimized Vicks Rectal Thermometer.

And if that weren't enough, Mediabistro's design blog, Unbeige, has also honored them for "Most Unintentionally Hilarious Accompanying Artwork".

Take the rest of the day off, Smartdesigners, you've earned it.

Vicks Digital Thermometer Family - Baby Rectal [idsa.org]
Tricycles and Transporters and Rectal Thermometers, Oh My! [unbeige]

1 Comment

That picture is great! What, did they throw the baby through the air with the rectal thermometer lodged in his poor little but to get that ethereal, floating rectal thermometer experience? Beautiful.

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