June 30, 2005

NYT Gives Jogging Strollers The Zagat Treatment

The Times has a piece about he opoularity of jogging strollers in which they asked opinions of some jogging parents in Central Park. Snippets of their comments are compiled, Zagat-like, for each of the six rigs.

Check it out.

Wombs on Wheels


Is it stroller week on DT?

Just ordered the Kelty Pathfinder. Since baby only tolerates the stroller (after all the energy we put into identifying the perfect one), we're hoping she likes hiking or at least being carried about way high up. She loved her Bjorn, so here's hoping...

We have the BOB Revolution, which is a pretty slick rig. I'm starting to see them around the area a lot...(which can only mean that they will soon peak in popularity, followed by a precipitous drop due to not being new and fairly rare/exclusive, nee Bugaboo.)

A friend just IMed me to let me know that her son is in this article! He's the little fellow in the BOB Revolution. According to my friend, his dad was absolutely unsuccessful at getting him to smile for the camera.

what? no double joggers? I'm beginning to realize that strollers/joggers for twins aren't exactly mainstream. We have the Double Decker Stroller, which works great for carseats, but we're looking at the Maclaren Rally Twin next, mainly because of the high handlegrip (42") which is a must for me (6'5").

Anyone else with tips for twins?

Geoff, I have a friend with twins who uses the Mountain Buggy Urban Double. Can you jog with one of those? It certainly looks very comfy.

Geoff, some Kelty joggers have adjustable handles, up to 45". The Hubby likes a handle that high, and also appreciates that he won't kick the wheels or back bar like he would with an umbrella stroller.
The doubles are wide, too wide to fit through standard doorways.
The Mountain Buggy Urban Double is only 29" wide and has a 42" handle.
We only have a singleton in the stroller and just have an inexpensive jogge. It is perfect for long walks, no major running and it still fits my big little guy. The handle adjusts up to 47" on mine, but is pretty much ideal for walking at 45"

A friend with a toddler and newborn loves her Phil and Ted's double, which is not side by side -- it's an under-over: https://secure.intellihost.co.nz/philandteds.com/framesetedub.htm

Not cheap, and comes from New Zealand. But pretty cool. We just have a single Jogaroo which has seen us through two kids.

BOB makes a double jogger, we have the single SUS delux and love it. I don't thinkyou can run with an urban double, maybe I've just neve seen it as most people we know with them just use them as a stroller.

You can do "light jogging" with the Mountain Buggy Urban Double if you lock the front wheels. If you're just looking for a jogger, you can use the Terrain Double. Personally, my favorite (and this is all from pre-emptive shopping my twins are still a few months away) is the Valco Runabout Twin. Very stylish.

We have the Chariot Cavalier single, the dedicated jogger that Chariot makes. It's about as light as the BOB Ironman, and steering is not a problem. I think it's narrower than the Chariot in the article, which could be a factor. They also make a double version.

I wouldn't use the Mountain Buggy for serious running - the wheels are too small. Still, I wish I'd seen it before the Nipper was born. I'd rather have an MB than the Mac.

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