June 27, 2005

Stroller Weights: No Tipping, Please

tipmenot.jpgDT reader Daniel gave a hearty endorsement to the Tipmenot stroller weights, fabric covered, donut-shaped 5 lb. weights which attach to the front wheels of your stroller and prevent reduce the chance of it tipping backwards because of all the crap you hang off the handles.

Says Daniel, who probably doesn't live in a walkup:
"It's kinda like a mini-version of those soft strap-on leg-weights that everybody bought and never used during the late 80's aerobics craze. They work well and are an elegant solutiont to a really annoying problem. We give them a thumbs up."

Says the Planet Kids website: "Since stroller configurations and loads vary, there is no guarantee that this product will prevent your stroller from tipping in all the situations. Always follow stroller manufacturers instructions. [bwahaha, yeah right. -ed.] This product comes with no safety warranties, either expressed or implied." [And just as well, since the tipmenot.com domain is now defunct.]

Says me: That's great, but how about taking a little less stuff with you when you go out? Oh, and two words: FreshDirect.

Tipmenot stroller weights are $10 on Planet Kids' site or at the store [planetkidsny.com]


"Always follow stroller manufacturers instructions."
Okay, seriously -- all the stroller instructions I've seen say to NEVER hang anything off the handles. Is there a stroller out there that actually says it's okay to do this? (All personal taste aside -- seriously, I want to know.)

I would hang my kid back there if only those little plastic hangers his clothes hang on wouldn't break.
Now, it's my personal belief most Bugaboo owners don't live in a walk up either.

This is a good product, but has an inherent flaw. It is filled with tiny pieces of metal that are impossible to clean up, when it starts leaking, you will know. That said it does the job

Thanks for the recognition, DT. I couldn't agree more about hanging crap off the back of the stroller. I am a purist myself, and I prefer a stripped down stroller and small backpack to dangling bags anyday.

However, there are times [ahem] when I don't have a say in the matter. Furthermore the volo, while still a nice 2nd option, will tip backwards with only the slightest weight on the handles.
I haven't noticed any metal filings on the floor yet, but they should be nicely contained by the refridgerator magnets my son likes to keep evenly strewn on the floor.


Please help me find the stroller weights..I went on the web sight that you suggested and I don't see them.....That would be so great for me .I have 3 children and I my new Maclaren tips ...I can't use it bacause I am afraid my daughter will get hurt.....Thanks so much

what're you doing, hanging the other two kids off the stroller handles? Don't take so much stuff, and it won't tip.

The manufacturer's own site disappeared before I ever linked to them; I imagine you'll have to look for stores somewhere who just happen to have some left in stock. Also, Google shows several UK retailers still say they have them, but shipping weights from England sounds pretty damn expensive.

Why not just velcro some soft ankle weights on there? Same thing.

You can find them on Ebay. There is someone that has been listing one auction at a time.
These things are great...I cant believe they are so hard to find. Here is the link:

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