June 23, 2005

Time Magazine: 'No Nuts, Please'

Congratulations go first, to Heather, whose site, dooce.com, was recently named Coolest Motherhood Blog of 2005 by Time magazine, and to DotMoms, who gets a shoutout, too.

To all those dad bloggers who didn't win this year, Time's editors remind you that you have until Dec. 31 to complete your hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery. [via Kaz]


It's only fair that women get such recognition. After all, look at all the local support/recognition us stay at home dads get ..er......I meant NATION support that...oh hell...nevermind. At least the baby likes my site. Why should Time be any diferent in ignoring me than the Playground Sisterhood of the Queen Bee CLub.


ps. I really like your blog - keep em posting!

Fingers crossed that I get RuPaul as my Post-Op counselor...

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