June 22, 2005

Madonna Don't Preach

Dina Rabinovitch finally gets her lifelong dream: an interview with Madonna [well, a phoner, anyway]. But--surprise, surprise--the children's authoress and Kabbala water drinker's dodgy and/or canned replies are a huge letdown to an actual Jew.

Madonna's children's books, it turns out, are NOT based on 18th c. Jewish fables, damn it, even the ones that are. And that includes the latest one, due out this week in the UK, which came after a bout of writer's block. "'Write what you know about,'" Madonna said Guy said. And so she did. And that's how we get Lotsa de Casha, a story about how money doesn't buy happiness.

All profits to the Kabbalah Centre, so you'll have to make this Amazon journey yourself.

Fallen Idol [guardian.co.uk]

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