June 22, 2005

Helllooo, Ladies!

According to this NPR story--which I heard half of this morning, something about how single mothers are to blame [??]--there are fewer boys being born in the US these days.

I'm gonna tell you right now, your sons better not try to use this line on my daughter 17 years from now...

Fewer Boys Being Born in America [npr.org]


I don't see the problem... China has a massive shortage of women... just ease up the immigration laws and the problem is solved! :)

Seriously, all our friends from pre-natal class seem to have had little girls as well... it's really weird. Granted, the sample size is three couples including us, but I'm sure we're totally indicative of larger societal trends. :)

And then they gloss over the possibility that the gender imbalance is caused by environmental (pollution) factors. Let's look at that before we blame those scheming single-moms-in-waiting.

Greg - can my daughter use that line on your daughter in 17 years?

[touche' -ed.]

the thing i thought was interesting about that piece was that MOST of the lesbians i know who've had kids in the last few years...have given birth to boys. sure...they were not single at the time that they got pg, as they had partners...but there were no adult males anywhere nearby when conception/gestation occurred. we've got two boys, 3 years and 12 weeks...so, i'm pretty sure that at the rate that lesbians are currently giving birth (mostly to boys it seems)...the balance should shift back. LOL!

Well, we're having a boy in 5 months, so says the tech. We've done our part! Not as well as a co-worker of mine, who is having twin boys, though.

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