June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day

to all you dads, new dads, and dads-to-be out there.

and a special shout to the military dads who are far from their families,

and to the baby daddies who're fighting with their baby mommas,
and to the dads in the joint who nevertheless have computer priveleges,
and to the dads who're traveling today and poaching wireless in the airport lounge,
and--work with me people, I'm trying to figure out which dads'd be hanging out in The Blogs on Father's Day... anyway, make your kids proud.

And to my own dad, thanks for, among many, many things, the nose. [and the kid thanks us both for not passing it on.]

And to my wife, without whom I wouldn't be celebrating today at all, and who surprised me when I woke up with breakfast in bed next to my computer--a box of Fruity Pebbles and one of the big bowls, not one of those rinky-dink little cereal bowls--a big, big thanks.


Happy Father's Day to you as well. I just stumbled onto this blog after doing a "parenting blog" google search. Looks interesting. When I was a new dad I was frustrated by the lack of websites and messages board for us, so thanks for filling the void!

And to answer your question as to why one would be blogging on Father's Day, add this to the list: your sorta cranky 3 month old son needs to be held while he naps, and you've mastered typing with him on your shoulder. Luckily, the 3 year old daughter naps on her own. I don't know if I could still type with one on each shoulder.

Happy Father's day for everyone.

Sadly the Germans don't have an official Father's day. Looks like I need to get my wife to recognize today as father's day ;)

Happy Father's Day, Greg. Thanks for being a great resource during this first year of fatherhood!

My very bestest father's day, 2005 edition:

-playing with my son while my wife made us (me & her) breakfast in bed (mmm...morningstar veggie bacon)
-mow the lawn (yes, I live in the burbs now). it needed to be done, and it always feels good to check something off the list. besides, I use one of those old-school analog push mowers, so I got a workout in at the same time.
-into the city for lunch at Blue Smoke
-back home for dessert - a Fudgie the Whale(tm) cake from Carvel! (if you've ever had one, or remember the commercials, you'll understand).
-now if only the Mets weren't getting slaughtered, it'd be perfect. oh well, there's always next year.

Happy Father's Day, Greg. Hope you had a great one.

I see you've struck out all previous entries in commemoration (heh). Mind that closing HTML tag...

All the best and thanks for a great blog!

Eric - I love Morningstar Farm Veggie bacon. I didn't get any for Father's Day, but my wife did so much for me for breakfast already, all while watching/feeding our 11 month old, that it didn't feel right to ask for it :)

On top of that, I got New Haven pizza for dinner (which, I might add, is the best pizza anywhere).

there is no rest for the weary. With 10-week old twins, there was only so much my wife could do for me, but she surprised me with some of those paint-your-own-pottery with little (and i mean LITTLE!) footprints of the girls. perfect gift.

and since i love to cook, and haven't done so since the girls came home, my gift to myself (because it was also my birthday) was to whip up some banana bread. A nice alternative to take-out of pre-made.

After a nice walk around the city, we came home and the girls cried for 4 hours. ugh.

But for a first father's day, it was pretty great. I'm looking forward to this fatherhood thing.

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