June 17, 2005

One Father's Day Gift Idea: The Idaho Makeover

Don't know how I missed this one. My brother snapped this advertisement from North & Co., a fine local establishment specializing in "Quality & Tradition," in Sun Valley's town paper, the Idaho Mountain Express.

The Father's Day offer: "Is your Dad ready for a change? We can help."

No idea what North & Co. actually sells, but since they also quote Andy Warhol, the artist/ filmmaker/ wigwearer/ internationally recognized expert on early 80's-era-hustler-lookin' dudes, I'm guessing it's mullet weaves and chest hair sculpting.

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I think that they do make-overs. If that is the final product oh boy, would I hate to see what that dude looked like before...

Maybe they're selling hot, hot man love?

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