June 17, 2005

Baby Bidets Will Take A While (I Hope You Can Hold It)

Presumably, by using plain, old toilet paper and not buying--or even making--baby wipes, you could save enough money to get a sweet, sweet bidet-equipped changing table. And after seeing the two options below, I'd have a hard time choosing; they're each so compelling in their own way. I've got time to decide, though, and so do you, since neither baby bidet is available at the moment.

First, is the Baby Bath & Shower, from American Bidet. It ressembles a wall-mounted changing table, but it's equipped with a convenient spray hose attachment (like your sink, I guess) and a drainage system. A little MacGyver-like, and it's not out until 2006, but seriously, how can you resist the catchy slogan ("for a healthy clean tush!")? Or the warm, soothing hospitality that "Mr. and Mrs. Bidet," aka Adam and Donna Cohen, have been showering on such celebrity tushes as Regis Philbin! Pat Boone! and Debbie Reynolds!

Just try and top that, Jose Rodriguez Bosch. Who? Bosch is a grad student who won third prize in the 2004 JPMA student design competition for his Baby Bidet, which has yet to go into production. The Baby Bidet is a wet changing table that converts to a training potty, "thus making the psychological link between wearing diapers and using the bathroom." With the built-in hand sprayer, you could also say it helps the child make the psychological link between peeing and the shower.

American Bidet's Baby Bath & Shower [bidet.com]
Meet Mr. Bidet, then meet the lovely Mrs. Bidet, both of Miami. [bidet.com]
2004 JPMA Student Design Competition Winners [jpma.org]
Jose Rodriguez Bosch's portfolio: Baby Bidet [coroflot.com]


Cool Baby Bidet...but how 'bout that JPMA Grand Prize Winner...the Frog Pod? Now THAT is sweet! And practical. And fun! When is that one coming out?

Nice! This should be much easier than my current method of taking Jake out to the backyard and spraying him down with the garden hose.

The Frog Pod is available September 1st in stores or google Frog Pod for many online stores!

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