June 16, 2005

We're From The Government, And We're Here To Help Cover Up A Giant Immunization Scandal

Thimerosal, ever heard of it? A preservative containing mercury compounds that was used in vaccines in the US until 2003, including some of the most commonly administered immunizations given to infants and children: Hep B, Haemophilus Influenza B, and diptheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP)? Has an alarmingly high correllation to rises in learning disabilities and autism? Has been covered up by the FDA and CDC and all the vaccine-producing pharma companies since a secret emergency conference at Simpsonwood, Norcross, GA in 2000? Has Senate Majority Leader/HMO exec/major Pharma campaign contribution recipient Bill Frist making multiple stealth attempts to shield drug companies from liability for the injuries caused by their neurotoxin-laden vaccines? Ring a bell?

If any of this doesn't sound familiar--and since it's largely based on very recently fulfilled FOIA requests, it probably doesn't--go ahead and read Robert Kennedy Jr's long, damning article on the Thimerosal cover-up in Salon today.

Deadly Immunity [salon, a salon/rolling stone investigation, via jj daddy]


Thimerosal is still in flu vaccines, including those given to babies, although you can get special "kid friendly" thimerosal-free vaccines, if you ask your dr. and it's available in your area.

Here's the CDC's current (very defensive) position on Thimerosal in flu vaccines...

That's just scary...what else are they keeping from us?


Autism and learning disabilities have also risen at about the same rate as dads have stayed home with their kids. So do at home dads cause autism? Kennedy is a clown. Countries that have no thimerosal in vaccines have the same rising autism, and countries that stopped thimerosal years ago have seen no decline in autism.

Facts are annoying things.

don't coverup the sources you cite, Al, I'm sure it'd be worthwhile for people to educate themselves more on thimerosal's effects.

Beyond the ad hominem attack on Kennedy (I thought it was his uncle who's supposed to be the clown), you don't seem to dispute or deny the claims, studies, and actions that were taken by the CDC, FDA, the pharmas, and their apparatchiks.

The Kennedy article cites statistical analysis and methodologies that are widely accepted in the fact-based scientific community, not just non-correlative occurrences. Dads are no more likely the cause of autism than the Red Sox winning the World Series is.

But I agree with your last comment: facts are sometimes so annoying that politicians and corporations try to cover them up and discredit them when their own interests, power, and beliefs are challenged.

Perhaps fathers are just better at noticing autism?

What's alarming is that autism IS on the rise. What is also alarming is conspiracy theorists who believe everything they read in MAGAZINES.

Do your own research, there are genetic and even viral links to autism.

[right, because the pharmas and Bill Frist only have the citizenry's best interest at heart on this one. I don't remember anyone saying vaccines were a sole cause of autism, but I also don't see any citations that refute the facts of Kennedy's article's account, particularly on the CDC conference. And I don't see any sources refuting the statistical studies of autism and Thimerasol, or the methodologies used to infer a link. And I don't see anything discrediting the pharmas' own studies of Thimerasol's toxicity. If you don't want to sound like a stooge, I suggest you add some links to back up your hyperbolic criticism. -ed.]

Name calling is not necessary. Seriously everyone, do your own research. One can prove anything with a study so verify whether or not the results of any particular study is statistically significant. Keep in mind that magazines skew facts to create controversy. Controversy sells more magazines. Publishers of magazines are in business to make money, not to provide any valuable public service.

so it's stooge vs conspiracy theorist? Glass houses, B G.

The article specifically charges that studies were suppressed and altered, and that facts were skewed and covered up--by involved parties including the CDC and FDA to avoid controversy.

Your blanket criticism of the media, like the conservative kneejerk critiques of Kennedy, seem intended solely to cast doubt on the info source's credibility, not to address the specific facts or information contained in the article.

It's a manipulative rhetorical trick, and in this case--given that the accusations are against the government, specific politicians, and giant corporations who'd be facing huge liabilities if the article's allegations are true--your attempt to poison the well of independently sourced information--is cynical at best and devious, dishonest, and unamerican at worst.

Check the clock and you'll find a whole bunch of this Thimerosal story occurred under Clinton's watch, so it's not strictly a partisan issue. But the current administration's M.O. is to do exactly what you're doing: impugn the motives of those who present facts and make claims that run counter their own "message."

And finally, on the facts of your charge, I read the article on Salon, and there's no way you can convince me they're in business to make money. I can't figure out why they're in business at all. And Kennedy or Jann Wenner? Are they in this story for the money? If you actually map out the interests of all the parties involved--money, controversy, influence, power, self-preservation--the agencies', Frist's, and pharma's have far more on the hook. And far more to gain or lose. And far more reason to cover up and play down.


So you're saying the media always gets things right and the government is out to get us. No one should get vaccines, and hey you too can help bring back deadly diseases.

And my suggesting that people should do their own research so they can make their own informed decisions is "cynical, devious, dishonest, and un-American" and "a manipulative rhetoric trick"? Talk about glass houses. Do you read what you write? Right back at ya.

"Always gets things right"? "Government out to get us"? "No one should get vaccines"? "bring back deadly diseases"? WTF, dude, do you read what I write? Because you're approximately 100% wrong about what I said. I never said any of that, and neither did the article.

Ditto for the research and making your own decision. Your inflammatory indignance and bait/swith'd work better if my exact statements weren't right above yours, and if you didn't deflect and dodge my criticisms so baldly.

Come back when you have some links to evidence that the article's claims are bogus; that Rolling Stone's on a moneymaking jihad against Eli Lilly; that Thimerosal makes the flowers grow; that autism's statistically linked to stay-at-home-gay-dads, to anything other than your so-far unsupported bullshit about how the free press is just a bunch of moneygrubbing parasites. Because even the stupidest commie liberal at CNN knows if you want to make real money, you go into pharma or Republican politics.

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