June 10, 2005

It's Montessori Time 6/11 at Kid O

I am a couple of days late in posting about this, sorry. Kid O, the west village shop which is one of the rare non-Montessori schools to offer the system's pedagogically gorgeous educational toys, is hosting Montessori seminars Saturday 6/11 (tomorrow!) for parents to "learn about the Montessori way of life and how it can help nurture creativity, curiosity, and independence in your child." [Let me tell ya, Kid O, Independence: the kid's got that one covered.]

Anyway, the director of Nienhuis Montessori USA, Karen Kenison will be on hand to explain the Montessori philosophy, products, and give tips on leveraging Montessori thinking even if your kid doesn't go to one of the schools. [Is this a good way to ingratiate your little genius and get her to the head of the waitlist for preschool? I doubt it, but doublecheck with your own admissions consultant.]

There's a toddler session (0-3) at 3pm and preschoolers (3-6) at 11am; both are held in the Jefferson Market Garden across from the store. It's free, but reservations are required. Call or email Kid O for details. [update: please leave them alone now; it's full.]

Kid O, www.kidonyc.com 123 West 10th St, 212-366-5436
Nienhuis Montessori USA: see the sweet merch you can't buy online [nienhuis.com]

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"I hope you'll accept Montessori into your life."

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