June 10, 2005

Baby DNA Kit: "The Ultimate Keepsake"

Because--except for locks of hair, umbilical cord stumps, cord blood, and the sheen of drool that now coats every surface of your house--there's never been a way to sample or store your baby's DNA "for your peace of mind" and "in case of emergency." Like, you know, KIDNAPPING or, well, TERRORISM.

From the package of the Baby DNA Kit:

  • How to create the ulitmate keepsake with your Baby's DNA
  • Your Baby's DNA in presentation [?] charts
  • Store your Baby's DNA for your family and the future"

    Baby DNA Kit - DNA Profile and DNA Storage, $139.99 at Target.com [target, via tmn]
    Previously: Umbilical Cord Keepsakes


    I am officially freaked out.

    There is something to be said about over kill...

    Couldn't you save $140 and just shove a lock of your kid's hair in an envelope, label it "high security - DNA evidence in case of terrorism or abduction" and smirk all the way to the bank?

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