June 8, 2005

New VW Passat Wagon: Nowhere Today, Everywhere Tomorrow

Remember this day well, dear readers. Because you'll be telling your kids about it someday, and they won't believe you. "That," you'll say, "was the day when VW Passat Wagons only existed in pictures on the Internet, a day before they took over the entire childbearing world, became self-aware, and turned on their yuppie drivers and enslaved the human race."

Your child will stare at you in wonderment, and then a horn will beep, and she will scurry off in a fright to feed another tank of biodiesel into one of the three TDI engines that were available since the Passat Wagon was released in Europe back in August Oh-Five.

[Hey, gimme a break, here. I'm out of town, but I'm trying to push that Rosie O'Donnell picture down the page as quickly as I can.]

VW Reveals New Passat Wagon [jalopnik, and plan for world domination]
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Unfortunately, you (non-expat Americans) won't have the ability to buy the VW Touran, which we just got 3 months ago. More room for larger car seats... in fact 7 seats overall but on a Golf platform and that TDi engine for our 3.50/gallon fuel.

Anyway, you can sign a petition for it though.

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