June 5, 2005

Herman Miller 10% Off Thru 6/18, Including New Eames Rockers

Herman Miller recently reissued the classic Eames Rocker (RAR) with a high-impact molded plastic shell instead of the original fiberglass. It retails for $525, and RetroModern.com usually discounts it to $379, but from June 4-18, they're offering another 10% off as part of a manufacturer-authorized sale. So a new, authentic Eames Rocker can be yours for $341, with free US shipping.

What does that compare to?

  • Original vintage Rockers can run $800-1,500.
  • Vintage shells with a reproduction base can go for $400-700+, depending on color and condition.
  • Although they can't call them Eames, Modernica makes fiberglass shell chairs using much of Miller's original molds and equipment, which they salvaged years ago. They're $374+$35 shipping.

    Personally, we went vintage, but that's because we lucked into a beautiful grey shell with an immaculate fiberglass thread pattern. It's been performing like a champ almost every night since.

    Herman Miller 10% off sale at Retromodern.com, Aeron and a couple of other chairs not included [retromodern, via apartmenttherapy]
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    My wife and I ordered one of these (not a vintage one, replica) and while it works okay for her, it's a complete non-starter for me. If you are a sizable guy (6', 250 lbs) these rocking chairs are like sitting in a thimble. Just simply not enough room.

    funny, but true. I'm 6'2 and 190, and I probably max it out. And if I think about it, the chairback is pretty low, too.

    What made you decide to go with a rocker over a glider?

    Other than getting creeped out during the weekend trips to BuyBuyBaby, where the whole glider showroom--four rows worth--was full of anesthetized-looking couples testing chairs out, rocking slowly baaackk and fooorthhh in glazed over silence, it was the design.

    We wanted something that'd fit our other modernist style furniture.

    We had the same thought as Greg -- wanting everything to go with the modern look we got going, but balancing the cost of nice furniture (always the issue ain't it) and the fact that our twins require TWO chairs we went with hand-me-down gliders which, when the time come, we'll just donate to the NICU where the girls spent their first 4 weeks. Nothing like a good comfy glider in the NICU.

    as far as BIG rockers, this has to be my favorite:
    Nurseryworks rocker!
    but it also has a low back.

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