June 3, 2005

The Peanut, by Danny Gregory: The Cruise

In this chapter of The Peanut, writer/illustrator Danny Gregory's serialized saga of impending fatherhood, he and his wife Patti meet their new OB and go on a Christmas cruise with their extended Jewish family. No Chinese food is mentioned, but here's a clip from near the end of the cruise:

After [DG's mother] Pipsi was a little too bad tempered one day, I tell Patti we have to start thinking of ourselves (PL & me) as a family unit, that we are at the head of the table now, no longer a lower echelon of the family at large. I tell her I think that we should think about how we will celebrate Christmas at our home from now on but Patti doesn't much like the idea. Perhaps I am too vociferous as I try to hack through my own umbilical cord.
Peanut: Cup-a-Soup and Candy Canes (December) [themorningnews.org]

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