June 3, 2005

I-Care Bear: The Another Cell Phone for Babies

i-care_bear_cell_phone.jpgThe Taiwanese company Guidetek Technology has released its cell phone for 3-year-olds, the I-Care. It has four parent-programmable buttons, one on each paw.

It seems to have fewer features than the Firefly, the other Cell Phone For Kids, but the dual-band GSM I-Care does have the advantage--if you can call it that--of looking like a Happy Meal toy. This means the kid will still want to play with your phone-looking phone. And I think it also means that any kid out of diapers who's still using a mere 'baby phone' will be subject to merciless playground taunting.

Guidetek says the I-Care will "provide plenty of opportunity for the parent and their small children to chat each other whenever they desire." Because after all, nothing says I-Care more than handing a 3-year-old a cell phone and saying, "Call me if you want to chat."

I-Care Baby Cell Phone [guidetek.com.tw]
Cell Phone for 3-year-olds Ships [the raw feed, including a closeup pic from CeBit, via waxy]

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