June 3, 2005

Colin Farrell Shows Off His Stroller Savvy


Any hard-partyin' Irish baby daddy man-ho can push a stroller.

But how many men can heft a stroller and a kid--without ashing on him--all while delivering an Oscar-worthy impersonation of mid-90's tennis champ Patrick Rafter? That's what I thought.

Buy a Combi Savvy EX, the perfect beach stroller for man-ho's who're gonna start shooting Miami Vice. [via CBB]


I can lift my son and his Bugaboo at the same time.

However even if I smoked (which I don't) I would never smoke around my kid. What moron exposes their kid to cigarette smoke? Personally I think that if you smoke around your kid you should be arrested for child abuse.


I disagree with the anti-smoking nazi comments. Then again, I'm not American so I'm less apt to judge and condemn everyone who isn't puritanical and 'just like me.' I don't smoke, but I do drive around in a car that produces chemicals toxic to our environment and harmful to our lungs, so unless we all decide to stop driving, stop buying good produced in mills, etc, maybe we should mellow out and adopt a live and let live motto, or at the very least look at how hurtful our own actions might be instead of just pointing fingers. This stroller is awesome though...doesn't have all the bells and whistles the others do, nor does it have a posh look for upscale people for whom appearances matter, but it fits the bill for whatever you're doing - zoo, disney, travelling, mall, etc.

really though Colin Farrell is the hottest man alive. i would seriously have his children if he asked me to i cant get enough of that irish sex pot!

Colin Farrell is my Idol. He's an awsome actor, he has a great accent that any woman would love. He's Handsome, and i like the fact that he's carrying his own child and not having a nanny do it like other stars do. I admire him for that! your awsome and us New Yorkers love you!

Apparently, they are outside, so it is not like he is cooped up with him in a car, as I was growing up, so... Also, kudos on the Rafter comparison--I knew there was something that attracted me to Colin, other than the obvious!

well...he is the sexiest man alive, i just love him, if he ask me to, i'd be the mother of that child, i can not get enough of him I LOVE COLIN FARRELL, mexican girls die for you baby!!

Anyone here have his son picture please post it on internet with his daddy and his mum picture.....
Be good Father is worthy for a guy live. and I would like Colin to know that you should spend much more time with him because he is beautiful alive...

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