May 31, 2005

Ultraman Baby Baby Gear

In the late 1990's after the success of Muppet Babies and Warner Brothers' Tiny Toons, Tsuburaya, the company that owns Ultraman, introduced Ultraman Baby. The happy little alien scamp graced a wide range of baby gear, toys, and books. It was damn cute, but it didn't last long.

Fortunately, at least one Ultraman ultrafan started stockpiling the goods, even though he was years away from actually having a child himself. Now that he does, though, Ore Dame (Orey-DAMmay, roughly, well, "I suck." That's one translation, anyway.) has started publishing pictures of his son posing with dad's collection, including:

  • a hallucinatory Ultraman Baby mobile [above]
  • bottles and sippy cups
  • pacifier clips
  • books
  • digital thermometers
  • two different Ultraman Baby potty training toilets

    and my absolute favorite,

  • the Ultraman Baby infant backpack, which has a life-sized cut-out head attached. I can't do it justice, just take a look.

    Literally, an hour ago, I didn't know this stuff existed. Now, I think I can't live without it.

    Ultraman Baby gear, circa 1996-1998 [mygavadon]
    Ultraman Baby Rucksac [Ore Dame Journal]

  • 1 Comment

    The rucksac looks like something out of South Park...or is it just me?

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