May 21, 2005

Brooklyn, Utah

The Social Security Administration recently released its 2004 baby name data, and Brooklyn is the 8th most popular girl's name of the year--in Utah. It's the 101st most popular girl's name in the country.

As with some other aspects of pregnancy, this might have grown from a tiny little seed, Posh and Beckham's oldest son, who was named, says the NY Daily News, after the borough "where he was conceived."

No one seems to notice or care that the Beckhams named a son Brooklyn, not a daughter. Just add it to the list of the many things about British men that Americans find very girly.

Meet Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn... (Well, it beats Trenton) [nydn, via DT reader Eric, who's family-free and working today. And finally emptying the TiVo.]
Let's look at the chart: eh, it's been climbing steadily for years []

[update: Yow, the kid's name broke into the Top 1000 for the first time in decades. And we were sure it was off the radar...]

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