May 20, 2005

Required But Difficult Reading: When A Child Dies?

Found this thread on Ask Metafilter yesterday, but it was really hard to read, much less post. It started when a woman asked for advice on how to help her best friend, who'd just lost her 6-month-old daughter. There's some really helpful, thoughtful advice, but be warned: you'll need the tissues ready.

If you can't bring yourself to read it now, fine. Just file it away and hope that you'll never need to know. Otherwise, here the two most salient points to remember:

  • "Please ask before assuming" what kind of help the family might need.
  • Check back in every couple of months. The family will still be grieving long after the initial flurry of support is past.

    What can you do when a child dies? []

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    Hey! This is supposed to the blog where I read about expensive baby items I'll never buy. Metafilter is crapping out on me right now, so I'm spared something I know I should read.

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