May 19, 2005

Parker G? How about Ali G?

parkerg_glass_hat.jpgEvery once in a while, I wonder if I shouldn't subscribe to Daily Candy--purely for research purposes, you understand. What if I missed something really good? I should relax. Because when something good like, say, chenille-rimmed sungoggles built into a personalizable rhinestone hat, I know I'll fwd: OMG! emails in my inbox before The View comes on.

Did I mention that these chenille sunglasses also come without the hat, in traditional Goo-Goo Goggle style (available in pink, blue, and leopard)?

They are the revolutionary new innovation that will forever change the way you think about baby sunglasses, ParkerG's. They are "designed for moms who wear sunglasses whenever they go outside and want the same protection for their babies' sensitive eyes."

Now, I am in total agreement with ParkerG's inventor/mom, that most baby sunglasses are nerdier than even your dad trying on sunglasses. But seriously, these--no, never mind. These are clearly not intended for me, or for any dad, or for any child with eyes smaller than a Precious Moments figurine.

To all the baby mommas out there, then, you can buy ParkerG's online for $24. The personalized Baby-Tude do-rag glass hat is $30. Word. [, via the clear-eyed subscribers of dailycandy]

[Correction: In the title of this post, I compared ParkerG Baby-tudes to the British performer Ali G. Mr. G's crew has informed me that Mr. G's glass hat is, in fact, not conjoined, and that Mr. G's forehead is clearly visible, as seen here, on the cover of his UK-only DVD, Ali G, Aiii!, now 70% off at Amazon UK). Daddy Types regrets the error and offers its sincere apologizes to Mr. G.]


You think these are stupid? Last month, we received the new Drs. Foster & Smith catalogue and discovered they make these for dogs as well. Not quite as chic fabrics, but they do feature "fashion colors".

Seen here... Doggles.

In addition, they also carry dog strollers too for, I can only assume, people ready to throw in the towel on IVF and need something to do with their nursery budget.

heh, "easier than leash training!" may become my new tagline.

See the Pet Stroller post here [a little something I found in SkyMall.]

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