May 19, 2005

Ask Metafilter, Metafilter Answers: Games for a Six-Month-Old Baby?

This question from a new dad showed up Tuesday on the Ask Metafilter section of the group blog. Definitely read through the whole thread, but here are a few highlights:

  • Read to him
  • Patty cake
  • Peek-a-boo
  • Talk to him. A lot. "And not in baby-talk." No, "parentese actually helps kids learn."
  • "Imitate him."
  • "test his grasp 'intuitive physics', and check his development of a 'theory of mind'. Just don't get too Skinnerian."
  • Put him in the Bjorn, head out, and "talk about everything and everyone you see."
  • "Sign Language!" "I would recommend ASL." "I've watched babies signing. It is downright eerie."

    Games for Babies?
    [, via i forget]


    Billow a baby blanket over the kid. My toddler loves reaching up and touching the blanket, pulling it off her head, crawling around underneath and giggling with whichever parent is under the blanket with her, etc. The kid just needs to know he/she can get out from the blanket easily, or you quickly have a cryfest on your hands.

    I like to dangle him out a hotel window to my adoring fans.

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